Welcome to my ‘now’ page – what I’m working on, well, right now!

My daughters are back in school (here in New Zealand it’s still summer and the school holidays which began right before Christmas have just wrapped up). Which means…back to writing! I’m writing daily on the third Woman King book with plans to have the draft completed by mid-April with an August release.

Bravura (The Woman King Book 2) is edited, cover designed, formatted and is ready for release on February 28th. I have ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) available in ebook format, so if you’d like one, please contact me and I’ll happily send one your way.

In anticipation of Bravura’s release, the first book in series, Fortissima, will be going on sale the last few weeks of February and early March. Watch this space for details.

Also, my cat has started his own Instagram, even though I told him not to. Naughty boy.

I just finished reading The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Nevermoor #1) based on the recommendation of my 9-year-old daughter who devoured the book in just three days and Loved It. Took me a ‘lil bit longer (four, because it was due at the library) and I enjoyed it too, a fun MG book with heaps of Harry Potter elements.

What I’m reading now:
Fiction: Girl of Shadows by Deborah Challinor
Writing Craft: The Outlandish Companion, Vol 1 🙂
Spiritual: Be As You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi


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