The Woman King Book 1

“This is your destiny.”
“I don’t believe in destiny.”
“Doesn’t matter. I believe in you.”

In Raven Araroa’s kingdom, firstborn royal daughters were destined to rule, the Woman Kings of Nadir. A thousand years before she was born, a malevolent regime decreed there would be no more Woman Kings, by ordering firstborn daughters to immediately be put to death.

But one of the daughters has survived. Born to the Queen in secret, Raven has been raised in a treevillage far from the royal palace. She is sixteen when her existence is discovered by the King.

Pursued by the King’s Hunters, and knowing she’ll be killed if she’s caught, Raven must flee. With two friends, she sets off, bound for the safety of a neighboring island nation. Along the way, she meets a charming stranger who will put her sense of trust to the test.

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